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Was this fair at all?


I just told my parents I don’t believe in god and they went upstairs into my room and tree mybps3 out of the window. It smashed onto concrete and won’t start up. I bought that ps3 with my first paycheck and my parents destroyed it just because they think it’s wrong to be an atheist. And does anyone know some place to buy a ps3 for a reasonable price?

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  1. Well, your parents are clearly closed-minded and not accepting of those of different belief. I feel for ya kiddo.

    Call up your local or nearest GameSpot and see if they have any refurb models. Pawn shops and thrift stores can also have decent models too.

  2. Sorry to hear that, bro. Do your parents say they are Christian? Well, I got something to say to them.

    Yo! Mr and Mrs Idonotknowyourname, you say you’re Christian? Think for yourselves, is this what Jesus told you to do through the Bible? Are you uplifting God in any way through your actions? Do you think this is gonna help your son love God any better? If this is his choice, then let him choose it. To become a true Christian, you need to make the choice yourself, not be forced. Now look and think how others might see you. Definitely a Christ-like model, aren’t you? God must be SO pleased with you. This is your own CHILD, for goodness sakes. it’s because of people like you that everyone wants to become atheist.

    I’m sorry they did that to you. Tell them to read their Bible more and pray to God for guidance, because they aren’t the smartest. Redneck Christians is a very fitting term. Don’t know anything at all.

    As for the PS3, go look at your local Gamestop and see if they have any deals on consoles. Or ask friends if they are willing to sell a second hand PS3.

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