Home Playstation Forum what are All the PS3 crossover and fighting games?

what are All the PS3 crossover and fighting games?


I know of streetfighter IV arcade edition and marvel vs capcom 3.

I heard of crossovers, like capcom vs snk and street fighter x tekken,

what is snk and tekken, what are all the fighting and crossover games like street fighter, marvel vs capcom?

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  1. Besides allowing you to make “Dream Fights” happen between your favorite videogame characters, they all are really the same thing. An arcade button mashing fighter game. I personally don’t find an appeal in the genre, but I’ve played most of them at some point with a friend. The best in this genre according to my friends is Mortal Kombat, and the series IS one of the earliest refined fighting games with the mechanics being cloned into many games since then. Other than that, think of your favorite character or favorite comic book brand or videogame company etc. and search online to see which games they appear in and go from there. Other than that, they are all primarily identical.

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