Home Playstation Forum What Is Better PS3 or PS3 Slim (10 Points For Best Answer)?

What Is Better PS3 or PS3 Slim (10 Points For Best Answer)?


Which one is better on everything

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  1. neither is better than the other on everything, i’d say the slim is slightly faster, but the phat is more powerful, it just comes down to personal preference.

  2. I’ve had both. I have the original 20Gb model from 2006 and the 120Gb slim. To say one is better than the other would be wrong, because they basically do the exact same things. The slim uses less power and runs a bit quicker than the original (but not by much). So you can’t go wrong with getting an old model or a new one.

  3. If you’re only talking about current PS3 models, then there’s no difference between the Phat and Slim models. Neither can, nor ever will, play PS2 games. Both use blu-ray, both support 1080p, both are firmware upgradeable for 3d (coming this fall), both have upgradeable hard drives, and neither can no longer run Linux as a separate OS.

    The slim is a bit smaller and lighter than the Phat, and the slim uses slightly less power than the Phat – those are the only differences between them.

  4. i had the old ps3 and it worked fine ran fine, then it broke = /. i got a slim and it the same thing, no difference that i can tell besides it being smaller. I would recommend going with whatever you can get cheep (or if their the same price get the slim it takes up less space) but with my experience there the same thing.

  5. Since they are esentially the same thing & i am assuming you are asking because you are going to buy one or the other, I would buy the slim simply because it would be new & come with a warranty, while a fat would be used & there would be no warranty with it. Not only that but i would take full advantage of the extended protection plan being offered by sony i think its 3 years for an aditional $50 & you have 6 months to do it. I would sign up for that. Especially considering my first ps3 broke after 2 years.

  6. Putting Price Behind, they are both the same. Most people Prefer the old one since it is more powerful and is Glossy (Plus the whole PLAYSTATION 3 is written on it). The newer one has a bigger Harddrive, but you could always upgrade the hardrive on the other ps3 anyways, but the newer one is more convenient. The PS3 Slim however, feels CHEEP. I don’t like the feel of it. The color looks gray more than black anyways. The older one looks and works more powerful, while the other one is faster and has a bigger hard drive (from the start)

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