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What is taking all of my PS3 memory?


I have a 111GB HDD, and only 15GB left. I figured it was the installed games, but I went and deleted all of them except for Dark Souls, Fallout New Vegas, and CoD: Black Ops II. There is still a bit of other game-related stuff, but it is all KB and MB. What happened to all of my memory?

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  1. Save games don’t take up that much space.

    Installed games, downloaded games, demos, movies, and videos will take up a lot of space.

    Some games can even take over 40GB, so yeah, your space is going to go fast at that rate.

  2. It is probably the messages there is a setting where you can delete all of the messageS ALSO GO TO GAME SAVES AND DELETE THE GAME SAVES TO MAKE IT LOAD WAAAAAAAYYYYYYY FASTER

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