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What is the BEST PS3 game to buy?


Hey you guys!

I just got my PS3 a few days ago and I love it! But I need some help picking out some decent games for it. So far I have Star Wars Force Unleashed and Tiger Wood 2009. You guys have any suggestions?! Thanks!
No it is not a trick question.

This is a serious question, please no bs answers.
Update 2:
Thanks you guys!

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  1. 1). Metal Gear Solid 4 – a masterpiece, it’s a very good tactical shooter;

    2). LittleBigPlanet – another masterpiece, very innovative, amazing replayability value (~300.000 user-created levels available to download). Main story line is great too;

    3). Fallout 3 – best RPG of 2008. Amazing game with a huge world. It’s RPG with FPS elements;

    4). Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe – a very good beat’em up fighting game;

    5). GTA IV – officially best game of 2008, great story, great gameplay, everything is great about this game;

    6). Personally, I’m fed up with FPS games (they are all the same to me), but if you like them – get Resistance 2 and COD WAW (FPS lovers praise those games). Killzone 2 is coming out soon.

  2. right now im racing online on gta4, and playing madden 09. i plan on getting mgs4 soon and maybe world at war. gran turismo 5 when it comes out too. my sister let me borrow tombraider underworld.

  3. definitely Metal Gear Solid 4

    little big planet is a nice Game too

    I’m waiting for kill zone 2 coming next month

    & i almost forgot resistance 2 is Pretty cool too

  4. I really enjoyed Oblivion, and the Shivering Isles. Then I bought Civilization Revolution – great game. I also have Time Crisis 4 – the new guncon isn’t as good as the ones based on CRT timing, but the game is fun.

    [edit] Oh, yeah, I forgot about the best game of all time – GTA IV.

  5. lol okay. being serious umm. i’d go with Call of Duty World at War. not midnight club la. hmm maybe try some of its exclusive shooters like resistence 2 and killzone 2 coming out next month. GTA IV is a must if you haven’t played that.

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