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What is the deal with ps4 + What headset is the best for ps3?


Ok I probably wont get a ps4 until after Christmas. I Heard you need PlayStation Plus to play online? my question since I play call of duty black ops would I have to get PlayStation plus or do I need it only for certain games. “I manly play multiplayer”

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  1. there are no deals on the ps4 , stores could sell them for even more than the suggested retail price if they wanted to since they’ll be had to find for several months – I’ve seen the ps4 bundles going online for $100 more than the retail price and that;s not on ebay , its from retail stores

    If you can get one for the regular price then pick it up

    yes , you need psn plus to play online unless the game is free to play , but its worth getting plus anyway , you’ll get half the money you paid back on day one just in free games.

    if you just play call of duty get a ps3 or keep your ps3 if you own one already , get yourself a good headset like the sony pulse elite and have fun with your ps3 then next summer after the ps4 has a lot of games and is available in stores everywhere maybe get a ps4

    black ops is a ps3 game and can;t be played on the ps4 , the ps3 can not play older games , only ps4 games are compatible

  2. If you stay with ps3 you wont have to pay for the service is what I hear.

    If you upgrade to ps4 – its att eh discretion of the game makers to either go the steam route for free or use ps4 service. Some companies will just not rather have their customers pay to play.

    Im going to guess COD who is all about making money is going to require you to pay to play.

    As far as headsets, I have turtle beach p11 — I had the p21’s and for some reason the p11’s sound awesome and feel comfortable. And people say they can hear me clearly.so Im not going to fix it if it aint broken

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