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What should i buy, X-box 360 or PS3? Whats better?



  1. PS3. Why? It will have better games. The cell processor is so much more powerful that what the 360 has. It’s a better bargain. Even though it’s 600 bucks, you get a Blu-ray player, Wi-Fi connection, and the various media slots. It also has a bigger hard drive than the 360 premium. The 360’s DVD-9 is the 360’s weak point. Games are getting bigger and bigger, and they take up a lot of space, so 9 gb might not be enough for most developers, so they might stay away from developing games for the 360. The daul layer Blu-ray disks holds up to 50 gb.

  2. PS3. I’ve had mine for a couple months now and love it. Watching blu ray movies and playing games in full HD is amazing. You won’t regret it considering the fall line up sony has.

  3. Both of them have good and bad points but for the money the wii is alot of fun and lots cheaper, but the grafics arent as good.

  4. Buy an xbox360, ps3 is crap, all the stuff i read about people baggin xbox360 is crap.

    ps3 has 60gb harddrive and xbox360 has only 20gb, released in a few weeks xbxo360 will have 120gb harddrive,

    a known fact from official game programmers for both systems say they love the xbox360 the programming engine for PS3 is much much harder to program on, and they hate it.

    so who knows if ps3 will stay alive or not.

    everyone’s answer is ps3 comes with blu ray, xbox360 has hd which is unlike ps3 is purchased seperatly, so for poeple who is happy with standard dvd then paying a must extra for ps3 with blu ray they wont use, HD-DVD is much better in picture quality and i know this for sure as i ahve studied months and months for this i have friends who sells home theaters and gameing consoles, i can promise you 100% that hd-dvd is much much more clearer, i will never ever own bluray it only has improved color, that is fact. you may have heard the bluray have 30gb disc space and now 50, where as hd-dvd has only 20gb, thats not true, at the moment yes, but bluray discs will soon be 100gb, where as hd have already 100gb discs and are working on 250gb discs, but as some people will say which is true, how much space do you really need, ps3 games are on bluray discs because they dont know how to progam them on smaller memory size, xbox360 9gb discs are more than enough to show what it can do, there is no game that has used the full 9gb. file size limitations are good due to enjoying other new games, can you imagine playing a game on a 1000gb disc that has a million levels, how boring will that be, you play the game finish it or hard to finish you buy another game etc.

    also everyone is fighting over xbox360 and ps3, we all know they are already working on the next consoles, i read in a magazine that microsoft has already started the next system, im not talking in the next few months, but new consoles come out around every 5 years, so the quality will make xbox360 and ps3 look like atari 2600’s.

    so it all falls into your choice,

    to help you 360 will have a bigger harddrive, and maybe bigger again in the future, has a better quality hd player, more games than than ps3 due to late release and will never catch up, soon every single xbox1 game will work due to updates, some hd-dvd movies are double sided meaning the other side will play on standard dvd players, good if your on holiday etc your not gonna bring the xbox360, just play them on your standard potable dvd payer, most and more and more games that originally were for ps3 have noe been made on xbox360, due to the likeness of boosting the 360 with the very easy programming engine.

    go 360 go.

    ps3’s are for hobo’s, and ps3 already have many problems.

  5. ps3, its much more powerful, its got a blu-ray player. thats what did it for me. the games are really gonna start pouring out this fall for the ps3, a lot of them are exclusive.

  6. though the ps3 has internet! its hard to choose because Xbox 360 has the “Halo 3” coming out and Ps3 has the remake of “Final Fantasy VII” if u like shooting its xbox but if you like RPG go for ps3!

  7. Well Marrag, here’s a huge list I’ve made making comparisons. In the end, the Playstation 3 is the best console.

    -Ps3 can browse online

    -ps3 comes with built in wifi ~ xbox 360 or 360 elite don’t

    -Ps3 has a 60 GB interchangeable hard drive, meaning you can change your hard drive with any brand of hard drive 360 or 360 elite don’t.

    -ps3 online is free ~ xbox live isn’t

    -Playstation home is an interactive community of ps3 users where you can play games or meet up with friends and hang out at your virtual home and hang outs, as well as stream live media(releasing in october, and is FREE)

    -Ps3 can get Linux and other OS’s installed ~ xbox 360 cant

    -ps3 comes with a next generation disc format (blu ray-50 gigs, xbox 360 and 360 elite are only compatable with 7 GB DVDs for games, and if you’re willing to pay an extra $200 you can watch ONLY movies on hd dvd,which can only hold 30 GB)

    -ps3 has HDMI 1.3, 360 elite only has hdmi 1.2

    -ps3 has the Cell Broadband processor which consists of 8 simutaniously working cpu’s capable of processing 2 trillion calculations per second(2 TFLOPS)

    -ps3 has the best graphics with the NVIDIA RSX Graphics Processor

    -Ps3 is only $600 and is supposed to drop to $500 by october, 360 elite costs 500 and lacks wifi, a next gen disc format, and still has that huge power brick)

    Tons of ps3 games are being released this year. Over 40 of them are exclusive for just and only ps3, and over 200 shared titles.

    and here’s my evidence

    ps3 exclusives- [url is not allowed].

    all ps3 games- [url is not allowed].

    Playstation Home- [url is not allowed].

  8. They all have their good points and bad points. Don’t let anyone tell you that one console is better than the others, because they’re not. It all depends on what you want out of a console, and what games you like. Just ignore what others tell you, and do your own research. Look up the features of the consoles, and figure out which one has the things you’re likely to use. And look up the games both currently out and upcoming, and see which one has more games you’ll enjoy.

  9. I own an XBOX360. I got it because (1) Microsoft, in my opinion, produces much higher quality than Sony, (2) If you own a Zune, you can link your XBOX and Zune to share music and video between the two, (3) XBOX360 has a lot more games than the PS3, (4) The XBOX360 is $200 less than the PS3.

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