Home Xbox Forum whats a cheap mic you can use for xbox 360?

whats a cheap mic you can use for xbox 360?


who knows a cheap mic you can buy that i can use for my xbox 360
i need a cheap mic that you speak into like a headset

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  1. As in mic do mean as in as microphone you sing into, for a game like Rock Band or, do you mean as in a head-set with the one ear piece and microphone? Just want to know so I can help you out better.

  2. If you go to your local Gamestop.

    You can get one of 2 mics;

    Ask if they have a Mad Catz Xbox 360 Headcom Pro headset.

    That will run you only 15.00

    If you want just a regular Xbox headset.

    It will run you 20.00

    Now going out on a limb here. If you play First Person Shooters and your mom/girlfriend/wife doesn’t like how loud you put your TV or you just want full concentration.

    I recommend getting Turtle Beach Ear Force X1’s.

    60.00 But worth EVERY penny.

    [url is not allowed] – Turtle Beach EF X1’s

    [url is not allowed] – Xbox Headset

    [url is not allowed] – Mad Catz Xbox 360 Headcom Pro headset

  3. well most cell phones come with a wired headset now a days. and they have the same jack as the xbox headsets. so if you have one try it, i did and they work better and are more comfortable than most xbox headsets.

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