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What’s wrong with the parental settings on xbox live?


So i wanted to download a demo for a game on xbox live and when I first got my xbox i just made it a child account cause i didn’t really care or know what I was doing. Every time I try, it gives me the “This account is not permitted to download content of this rating” bs. I went through and made everything allowed and made it so I can download games of any rating and it still says the same thing. I also really dont want to wait another year to turn it into an adult account. anyone got any ideas?

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  1. Xbox Live is blocking you from accessing M-rated stuff because your account is underage. The only way around this is to make a new account and set it to over 18.

  2. I remember when they updated this for the 360 i got so mad now that i couldnt download anything rated m!DEMOS!CONTENT OR ANYTHING!

    Its all rooted back to whenyou first made your account for live,when you put in your date of birth.

    If your under 18 now they wont let you download anythign until you turn 18!So if you were in a rush to play xbox live and you put yourself 1 year old you have to wait!and you cant change it.the only thing to do is to make a new account,or get free gold make another account set it to 18 and download all the things you want go back to the other account n play em there.Thats what i do cus my brothers age setting is 18.

    Even tho theres a setting on what rated games you cant play if you turn rated M games off it still wont work.

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