Home Playstation Forum which has better graphics PS3 or XBOX 360 and why?

which has better graphics PS3 or XBOX 360 and why?



  1. the ps3 has better graphics because it uses a hi-def blu-ray player instead of a normal disk drive. For the best graphic quality, use a HDMI cord and plug it into your TV (if you have a HD TV)

  2. PS3 because the graphics looks more real and the 360 looks cartoonish.

    Ps3 and 360 online are the same but ps3 online is free when u have to pay 360 online monthly



    i will list some of the ps3’s exclusives and some of the xbox 360’s exclusives

    ps:-(exclusives are the games which are developed specially for that console and not made for any Other console or pc)

    1st for ps3


    killzone 2

    uncharted 2

    god of war 3

    heavy rain

    killzone 3

    for xbox 360

    halo 3

    gears of war 2 and 3(coming soon)

    alan wake

    halo reach

    u will find out that ps3 is much better than xbox 360

    multiplatform games

    such as

    batman arkham asylum

    red dead redemption


    look a bit better(note.a bit)than ps3 as its not easy to make games on ps3 due to its complicated architecture


    xbox 360’s is coming off age

    but they are trying to maintain their position in market

    by introducing a new way of gameplay

    called kinects

    which doesn’t require any controller

    and they have recently introduced a new xbox 360 slim

    which looks great

    but still

    ps3 rocks in every way

  4. PS3 has much better graphics because of the power of blu-ray which the 360 has not got. Not only has the PS3 got better graphics it is a much better system than the 360 with better games, free internet and lots more.

  5. Both systems can display 1080p resolution.

    The PS3 has better graphics, and here is how to know:

    The PS3 could play every single game that is available on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 can not play every game available on the PS3, because it doesn’t have the necessary hardware to do so.

    Uncharted 2, Killzone 2 (and the upcoming Killzone 3), MGS4, etc. can not be played on the 360 in their current form. Each game would have to be recoded and “dummied” down in order to play on the 360, because the 360 does not have the hardware to reproduce the graphics in those games.

    That alone should prove that the PS3 has the capability of superior graphics. Any games that are available on both systems will have the same graphics, as the games are made for the 360 and ported to the PS3, to make sure the 360 can play them (originally it was because it was easier to make on the 360 because the PS3 was difficult to make games for because developers hadn’t had time with the PS3).

  6. PS3 has much better graphics and sound. Think it this way: PS3 uses blu-ray, which can hold at least 25 gbs of information, and the most will be 50gb on double-layer bd discs, so the details the developers could get on the game would be huge. On the other hand, xbox uses dvd’s, which can hold the most 8gb (on double-layer discs), so, the details would be lesser, of course.

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