Home Playstation Forum which is better ps3 or 360?

which is better ps3 or 360?


i wanna get 1 but i dont know which 1 to choose help me

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  1. The Playstation will be better don’t listen to anybody saying the *Xbox 360 is better* The Playstation 3 will be better and 2008 IS the year of the ps3. I have been playing and buying Sony games since I got my Playstation 1, and Sony has NEVER failed to dissapoint me

  2. Hardware is useless without software and the 360 has more software. So the 360 is better for now. That will chge multiple times through out this generation of consoles.

  3. THis question has been asked over 9000 times already, and most answers tend to Xbox 360.

    But just for you I will answer this again:

    In short get the Xbox 360:

    It has better and more games to choose from.

    It has better multimedia capabilities and ultimate party machine!

    It has better online functionality.

    It’s hardware is better suited for games.

    The customer service is better.

    The reasons in detail:

    The Xbox 360 has a broader userbase than the PS3. While the situation improved in the past, there are still more Xbox 360 owners than PS3 owners.

    With massive price drops in Europe the circle of Xbox 360 owners grew even more.

    The consequence is, that publishers are more willing to do an exclusive game on a console that has more potential customers.

    This way, you will see a lot of great exclusive games on Xbox 360, that you won’t see on a PS3.

    For example the Halo series, Cracdown, Gears of War, the Forza Motorsport series, Project Gotham Racing, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Lost Oddysey (from the makers of Final Fantasy) and many many more.

    On the PS3 the exclusive games are mostly standard shooters. Haze for example didn’t get a lot of good reviews, as did other PS3 exclusives with mediocre reviews.

    Those claiming 2008 will be *the* year for PS3 games: keep in mind that most of these games will also be released on the

    Xbox 360 for the reasons above.

    For example, take Final Fantasy: A long time Playstation Exclusive, Final Fantasy XIII is now also coming to the Xbox 360.

    And in fall 2009, another former Playstation game finds it’s way to the Xbox 360: Tekken 6.

    So the PS3 doesn’t have that much exclusive games left.
    Multimedia capabilities.

    Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 can connect to a PC in your home Network.

    Both can play movies, display pictures and blast MP3s.

    However, only the Xbox 360 is able to continue playing your MP3s when you start a game.

    The 360 will replace the game’s music, but keep the sound effects, so you still know what’s going on in the game.

    This way, you can always do your own soundtrack.

    And if you have high definition videos on your PC, you can watch these on the 360 without needing a BluRay or HD-DVD drive.

    And finally, if you have a Windows XP MCE or Vista home Premium or Ultimate on your PC, you can watch TV, or TV recordings on your Xbox 360.

    Or get this: On a recent party I connected an iPod to my Xbox 360, wich played the iPod’s music while Guitar Hero was on the Main Menu.

    After a guest decided to play, the Xbox stopped playing my MP3s and allowed the guest to play his song, and after returning to the main menu, the Xbox started playing my MP3 music again.

    Try to do that on a PS3!
    Better online fuctions.

    Currently when you are playing a game, and a friend of yours tries to contact you, you have to end the game, return to the PS3 XBar, go to your messages to read and or answer it, and then start your game anew.

    On the Xbox 360, no matter what you are doing: Playing a game, watching a movie, goofing around in the system, you just push the Guide button and your Friendlist is avaliable.

    You choose your friend, and you can instantly write a message or send him a voice message.

    You can even message friends, that don’t own a Xbox 360, but are online on their PC’s with the Windows or MSN Messenger.
    The hardware is better suited for games.

    If you want the technical details, I suggest you read the article linked below.

    But in short:

    The PS3 has a very slow memory interface when it comes to graphics.

    For example: The most basic graphic operation is z-sorting and lighting (i.e. this determines, wich objects are hidden behind other objects, and how the lights illuminate these objects).

    For a High Definition image, you will need to transport about 60Gigabyte/sec of data.

    The PS3 only has 48GB/sec of Bandwith available, and has to compress the data, send it, and uncompress it again in the graphic framebuffer.

    The Xbox 360 has over 270GB/sec of memory bandwith, and can not only do z-sorting with transparent objects, but also High Dynamic Range rendering, Full-Screen Anti Aliasing and effects like Bump Mapping all in one go.

    This is the reason, why for example GTA IV is rendered in 640 lines on the PS3, but full 720 lines on the Xbox 360, resulting in fewer blocky edges.

    For more differences about the hardware, read the article linked below.
    The service is better:

    A lot of people say the Xbox 360 breaks down with the “red ring of death”.

    If you buy a console now, the cooling in the console has been improved, and this problem shouldn’t turn up again.

    If it does, Microsoft gives you a three year warranty on your console. You just call a toll free support number, and you will get your console exchanged for free.

    The service of a poor guys PS3 refused a warranty repair, because the console was “dusty” (read story below).

    And finally, if you still can’t decide: Here is a humorous take for a decision path to make it easier for you to decide wich console is for you:

    Do you have friends?


  4. In my opinion PS3 is better because it has a blu-ray player built right into it. A regular blu-ray player costs $300, and your getting this one for $400. So, if you think about it your getting a $300 blu-ray player and a $100 next gen gaming system. Some of the features that the PS3 has are and internet browser, free online gaming, alot of great exclusive games and much more. So, ultimatley it’s your choice. And PS3 was mine.

  5. The ps3 is better for 4 main reasons:

    the pricing is beginning to go down for the ps3 and you can recieve a larger memory for a cheaper price

    free online play with the ps3; you will not have to pay a monthly or yearly fee to play online

    great selection of games but this will have to be your choice because it depends on what games you like

    and great graphics

    i hope this helps i have a ps3 and i love it if you get either of these systems buy Call Of Duty 4 it has great online play

  6. well i plain just don’t like ps3 cause its been so hyped up and isn’t really more than a mini home entertainment system, and i’m not really into the hardcore games the ps3 provides cause its like you can really only play most of them by yourself, so i’d choose the 360 because there are some hardcore games but there are also games that you can just have fun with as well

  7. Ill give you a honest answer becasue i currently haave a xbox 360 and a playstation i recomend the playstation to any one who ask me but i do t think the playstation put as much thought in to their online as xbox did like for instance no achievements and you can not do a chat while your in a game but you can have 3 or 4 people in one chat but xbox has so many promblems like red ring always freezes and the list goes on aand on and the xbox doesnt have the fancy things the playstation does lik blueray dvde or Free online thats amazing right there free online overall i like the playstation better mabie you should rate me best asnwer? i need the points

  8. I’m only gonna say one thing. You get what you pay for.

    Go ahead and buy the PS3. It has everything from games, to blu-ray discs, to music, to video files, to the online store. The online store has a growing library of TV shows and movies and there are many interesting games available for sale including PS1 titles. If you purchase the PS Eye you can purchase some motion sensing games from the online store.

    All online is free, unlike the XBox 360 and you can download demos for free off of the store. Plus, there are better graphics and games can be played in a higher resolution of 1080p. Blu-Ray is also a plus because HD DVD is already obsolete. Blu-Ray isn’t.

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