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Which is Xbox 360 is better: the Premium or the Elite?


I might get an Xbox 360 for Christmas but I’m having a hard time trying to figure out which is better and which one I should get. Somebody please help me.

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  1. In my personal opinion the elite. you get a black controller and a black headset. If your short on money though i would get the premium (or regular 360 as it really is)

  2. I would think the word Elite alone sounded better than Premium. This is the case as well for the Xbox 360 trims. The Elite is better than the Premium. More HD support & bigger hard drive than the Premium, plus the exclusive black colour.

  3. Get the elite it comes with 120 gig hardrive instead of a 60 gb.You can always use that extra space now that you can install games.You also get 1 month free of xbox live gold,thats only with the elite too,im pretty sure.

    It also comes with an hdmi cable,the premium doesnt.

    Try to get the one that comes with indian jones and kung fu panda free!

  4. the elite is better for two reasons. one it comes with 120 gig hd and with the new features ( you can load game from disc to hd to avoid pauses, load times and much quieter playing) you will need the space.

    it also includes the hd/component cable. the pro is 60 gig and standard cable for tv. i also do like the elite for being black it looks cooler than off white.

  5. Elite is only really worth having if you have a HD TV and are going to download films,tv shows, and games/demos.

    Premium should be fine if you aren’t.

  6. honestly its a matter of opinion. i play a lot of games and i have the premium and it works great. i have my favorite movies on it and some games. the only reason to get a elite is 1. its black which i will admit is awesome! 2. if you install all of the games you play and 3. money is no issue. but other than that its all up to the buyer

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