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Which other similar Xbox 360 Pro games may I like?


I have got Xbox 360 Pro and have the following games:-

1) Smackdown vs Raw 2009

2) Assassin’s Creed

3) Burnout Paradise

4) Army of Two

I am planning to buy:-

1) Alpha Protocol

2) Alan Wake

3) Call of Duty 2 (after playing this, I will bring the other sequels)

Which other similar games do you think I should buy?

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  1. fallout 3 is a must have

    splinter cell coviction coming out june early

    halo 3 if you into halo games

    dont get gears of war terrible trust me

    (anyone else who answer this guys question give a rating on how you like grars of war 2)

  2. I have an Xbox 360 too. I also have Xbox LIVE and a black 360 Elite. I have some good games, here are some I think you would really enjoy:

    -Guitar Hero 3

    -Skate 2(second fave)

    -Call of Duty 4 (my favorite!)

    -Call of Duty 5 (not too bad)

    -Left 4 Dead

    -Rock Band 2

    -Halo 3

    I think you will enjoy those games. If you have Xbox LIVE, you can send me a message and I will add you. My gamertag is TiffRockz. 🙂

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