Home Xbox Forum who thinks this gamertag on xboxlive is good?

who thinks this gamertag on xboxlive is good?



that is my gamertag and no one in my house thinks it is cool

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  1. It’s your gamertag, it’s your online alias. If you think it’s cool, who’s there to say it’s not? The only opinion that really matters about what you think about yourself is yours. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And yes, I think it’s cool.

  2. It sounds really cool. I usually try to keep numbers out of my GT’s because it sounds cooler. But that sounds tight! In a game like Call of Duty or something you should be like some sneaky assassin! =)

  3. meh. its ok. i probably wouldn’t choose that name but thats just my opinion. ive seen a lot worse gamertags though so this one is fine 🙂

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