1. First try your user name and password. in all letters like (capital, small). if that doesn’t work try updating u r PS3. And if that fails try to connect with a router / modem. or go to where you brought u r PS and tell him the problem , he will give you some codes to fix it.

  2. Hmm. Try checking the connection test and see if that is ok

    and also check if you have any system updates

    and also check if your password etc is right

    and check if everything in your psn account had been set right 🙂

    btw try typing the code into google there’s alot of people out there and I’m sure some will have the same problem solved 🙂

    I didn’t know girls play ps3 😮 lol x

    everyone add me!

    playstation: MR-SAF

    add meeeeee 🙂 x leave me a message saying yoooo I saw you on yahoo :p lol x

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