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Why is PS3 download time so long?


Recently ive been having some downloading issues with my ps3. To update MW3 1.21 it is about 31 megabytes, BUT IT TAKES 697 MINUTES TO DOWNLOAD?!? Even a slow connection is no longer than 40 minutes for 30 mB. Why does it so long? My connection is about 15megabits per second. Even the ps3 says that so the wifi is not the problem

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  1. It happened to me before and I have solve it! It used to cut when I play COD but I went to Walmart and bought a cable and connected my PS3 with the modem. Then went to the settings and connected my system to the internet wirely, and It worked! Then I started to kick sum asses!

  2. Whenever I have to download large files I just Plug my modem to my ps3, Its way faster than wifi

    I don’t know why? But i play on wifi mostly

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