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Why won’t the Vitruvian Man achievement unlock on Assassin’s Creed II on my Xbox 360?


I’ve just spent half the day looking up a dozen youtube guides and following them all for the Vitruvian Man achievement, when i did the last puzzle, it didn’t unlock!? Have i missed something out? is there something i’m supposed to do afterwards? another strange point is that my 20th glyph was on the Villa Auditore, and seeing as this is basically one of the first glyphs in the game, why wouldn’t i have got it from the start? Is there some way of putting them in order maybe? I dont know, all i know is that now i need to play through it AGAIN, FOR THE THIRD TIME :@ (I had to play through it again for the “Fly Swatter” achievement :(” please help, i really want 1000/1000G on this game, seeing as it’s one of my favourites 🙁

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  1. As you progress through the main questline you will come across buildings that have ‘Glyphs’ on them. When first finding the building a red eye symbol will appear above the location image when it is being added to the database.

    The Glyphs are markings that glow. To start the puzzle that it contains, you must stand in front of it and turn Eagle Vision on (this also helps when searching for them because they glow red).

    This site will help you with the Glyph locations.

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    And this will help with the solving.

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