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Will I save money on my PS4 if I pre order it from this British website if you add in shipping fees?


It is 20 pounds in British money,which us 35$ in USD.So I’m saving like,300$.But if you calculate in the shippng costs will how much will it cost total?I live in southern Colorado.
In the PS4 console section they’re selling a PS4 with Call of Duty Ghosts for 35$/20 pounds.

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  1. I’m from the UK and its £349 here and thats not bad but £20 to pre order. I wish you were right though >.< and might I ask, are you on GAME?

  2. No you don’t understand how pre-ordering works.

    Preorder is just a down payment – not the full price. When the item arrives you pay the difference.

    With a price of 349pounds, the PS4 costs nearly $120 MORE in the UK compared to the US. Then there’s VAT which is another hefty increase.

    Then there’s the problem that you’ll be buying a UK PS4, which will be different than a US PS4 in terms of electrical and video requirements. Sure, you can get adapters for these but that’ll be a few more hundred dollars. And finally, an European PS4 will only connect to the European PSN servers due to licensing and other issues. So not only will your marketplace only display prices in Pounds or Euros but you’re overall network performance will be terrible because you’re network connection has to go through several thousand more miles, including those slow links under the ocean.

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