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Wireless or wired controllers for Xbox 360?


I need help finding out which controller is better, the wireless or the wired one. I already have two wired controllers and I wanted to buy two more to be able to play multiplayer with four people but I don’t know which controller to get? Any other tips or hints on controllers for the Xbox 360 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Well, it depends on a few varying factors. First, do you have enough room to have four cords all coming from one system that’s not that big? Second, are you planning on buying the name-brand Microsoft controllers? Or another brand like Pelican? (From the controllers that I’ve had, I like the wireless for my small area, and the other brands other than Microsoft usually have a lag to them wired or not.)

    Hope this helps =]

  2. Wireless is worth the extra cash because the cords on the wired controllers are super short so if your couch is far away you’re going to have to sit on the floor also buy a battery charger. Enjoy!

  3. Wireless is the only way to go!! i have the connector to the controller and i hate it when i have to use it. What i did is buy wireless and buy rechargeable batteries. or just get the battery pack that you could recharge. trust me wireless is WAAAYYY better.

  4. Wireless is better because you can play wherever you like in the room. With a wired controller your space is limited.

  5. I would have to go with wireless. They are a little more expensive but it’s worth it. With the wire you could, by accident, pull the Xbox 360 and it will fall. With wireless. it’s all fun, all the time.

  6. wireless is much better cuz whenever some1 wants to go over the wire and im playing LIVE, the wire cuts and i die


  7. i use wireless cuz the wired one is juz feels like old tech and if u get wireless get a battery pack cuz switching batterys is always a hassel.

  8. you should buy a wireless Controllerr because you can go any were in the room and with a wired controller you have to stay close to the 360

  9. You’ll want to go with wireless. There are only 2 USB ports on the front of the console, so if you want to go with more wired ones, you’ll also have to buy a USB splitter.

    Wireless would make things much easier.

    Good Luck!

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