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I was in the middle of a song on guitar hero 3 when all of the sudden my xBox started making a shredding noise. I got scared so I turned the xBox off, but it continued making the noise. Than I opened the disc drive and took out the game. Now whenever I close the disc drive it opens right back up again. HALP!

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  1. ha ha you should’ve NEVER got a 360 in the first place, ps3 is so much better, you never have problems. you should just get a ps3 and buy gh3 for it and you won’t have to worry about this happening again.

  2. That’s deffinitely going to need some professional repair.

    Register your console for a repair at xbox.com. As soon as everything is all set up, Microsoft will send you a “coffin” to put the console in. Ship it back to Microsoft, and they’ll have it fixed in just a few weeks!

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