Home Xbox Forum xbox 360 contollers.wired or wireless, which one is better?

xbox 360 contollers.wired or wireless, which one is better?


sorry spelling mistake! CONTROLLERS. LOL

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  1. I own two Wireless controllers and two wired controllers. Some times the wired controllers get tangled. I prefer wired because the Wireless sometimes disconnect.

  2. It’s better with wireless but, you are going to need wireless battery charger.

    * I own wireless controller.

  3. i kno how everyone says wireless is better its rely unnessary sometimes i mean yeah it less messy but if u run out of batterys for the wireless u cant play until u get new ones and if u dont have battery’s around the house well ur screwed.

    i kno how wireless seems better and all but theres no huge diffrence u save about 10 dollors too if u buy wired

  4. wireless.

    i believe they are wirelss up to 30 ft.

    dont know why you would need 30 ft to play xbox but they are.

    not as annoying either.

    i had my wireless hooked up with a wire to charge my recharagable pack and i stood up and walk away (thinking it was still wired) and my xbox fell down

    get a wrieless

  5. I have 4 wireless and I’ve never had a dropped connection in the 2 years I’ve had them. They do eat up batteries if you don’t have the recharging pack or rechargeable batteries.

  6. If you are the only one using it go wireless. I have lost or Had stolen 3 so far. They just seem to “walk”

  7. They’re both fairly good. Wired you can’t play with well from a distance and the wireless lose reception sometimes but they are fairly good.

  8. I would go for the wireless.ive had them for 8 months.and not once have i had a problem with them, like losing connection, it never happens

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