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Xbox 360 dvd repair my self!?


hi i need to replace my dvd drive in my xbox 360. Im going to do it with my dad and thats one of the questions my dad has bin fixing and building pc’s for donkeys year do you think he will be able to replace my dvd drive? Iv looked on the net and it sound’s very easy. Also what size torque screw driver thingy do i need to get into my 360? Please give detailed answers not one liners ill give best answer. Yea also where can i get another dvd drive and what makes will fit can it be any dvd drive that wil fit the housing? Cheers:)

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  1. Check the serial number and manufacturer on the old dvd drive and order the same one usually a quick search on ebay and you find a new one. You also need to take to your old circuit board out of your old dvd drive as this has the firmware on it and needs to be fitted into your new one, otherwise you will turn your xbox into a big paper weight!!

  2. Word of advice- don’t try it unless you don’t care about having your console banned from Xbox LIVE for console tampering.

    See [url is not allowed]

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