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XBOX 360 Help please?


I just sent in my xbox for repair, and got it back the other day. I plugged it in, and when i logged into xbox live it said ” can’t sign into messenger.” Then, when I started playing the connection was horrendous. My connection has always been fine, and when I hit check connection, it is perfect. The game play is fine offline, and when i tried signing into messenger it said the password is incorrect, which it’s not. I called in xbox support and they were no help at all, does anyone know what is wrong?

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  1. I’m sorry i dont know how to solve this problem but you may want to try to sign in on your computer, then change your password, and for the first answer, half of those games havent come out yet, playstation sucks, and have u forgotten about grand theft auto(wont get the lost and the damed on a PS3)plus call of duty 4 and world at war, and fable 2, and much more better downloadable content than the ps3, srry but it kind of sucks

  2. have you recieved any weird messages or had someone weird message, given away your windows live pass., signed in on a friends xbox360, or have some random person magically come into your party. If so, you might be being hacked. If not fool aorung with your router, comp., and xbox. Or you may just need to renew your subscription.

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