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Xbox 360 or Play Station 3?


What should I get Xbox 360 or PS3 and answer only if you have both and also tell me why.

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  1. Me and this boy had 2 debate on that

    X-box 1. Playstation has been hacked2. X-box pretty much is the same as playstation BUT the plantation took more tries 2 make it the best as for the X-box took 1 try and is still good when it comes 2 building. 🙂

  2. Yes I own both and I say Xbox, the exclusives like Forza, Gears of war, and Halo are all amazing games. The PS3 does have games like Little Big Planet and Infamous which are pretty good. On the Xbox you can go into party chat where you can talk with friends without being in their game which is a great feature. The PS3 does have Blue Ray but unless you already own some Blue Ray movies its pointless because Blue Ray movies are more money than a regular DVD. The Xbox can play regular movies so its still good. The RRD or Red Ring of Death is not a problem unless you were looking to buy any model besides the newest 250 gb Slim. Even if you buy a older model like the Elite it only occurs if you leave the Xbox on all night and even at that it happens on very rare situations. I would say the only downfall of the Xbox is you have to pay for Xbox Live. It is $60 for 1 year, which doesn’t sound like very long but it really is. Microsoft, (The creators of the Xbox) do make up for this by getting you all Call Of Duty Map Packs one whole month earlier than any other system does, (including PC). That’s why I personally play my Xbox a lot more than my PS3. Don’t get me wrong though its not a bad system its just not my cup of tea.

  3. I don’t have both, but I have played both. I have an xbox though.

    Don’t buy the “xbox is better for online and ps3 for offline”. They are both the same for offline. It’s just a pitty + for ps3. Here is a very good reasonning.

    Xbox has MUCH better software. Invite to game, party, connecting to windows pc, very fluent ways to communicate. Just press the home button and click messages. Ps3’s is very clunky and you have alot of stuff you don’t need. It still works though, but not as good.

    Hardware wise, ps3 wins by a milestone. Blu-ray player, no stupid cd tray (the cds get sucked in). Btw, did you know you can’t move the xbox AT ALL while there’s a cd inside? cause I didnt. The cd gets destroyed and unplayable. That shows how “good COUGH” the hardware is.

    Oh and remember red ring of deaths? yeah, cause microsoft was to cheap to add another fan and put 4c stickers.

    People comparing the graphics, ps3’s win. They are 80% the same for games that are on the ps3 and xbox, because to make better graphics, you need to put in alot more effort in developping games. And normally they just want to make a game for both systems, and bam the game is good, but could of been better on ps3 but it still kicks *.

    So graphics wise, they are both the same.

  4. I have both, and they’re both good. The general rule is that the 360 is a little better for cross-platform games, but the PS3 has better exclusives.

    If I had to pick one, I’d probably pick my PS3. The online’s free, and although I play 360 online a lot (I have black ops on the 360) I don’t really think 360’s online is that much better. Plus the PS3 plays blu-rays, and again, there’s the exclusives: Killzone, Resistance, Uncharted, God of War, Little Big Planet, inFamous.

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