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Xbox 360 or ps3?


ok, I don’t want any xbox/playstation fans on here. I need to know which one to get. The price doesn’t matter to me, I really just need a critic’s view on this. I mean I hear these “stories” about how the xbox breaks a lot and how ps3 has no good games on it and sometimes to blu-ray breaks. I don’t want a wii because I need something to also play my movies. any non-biased suggestions?

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  1. get the ps3 its

    better an it does got

    good games

    it got aswome games

    ill go for the ps3

    xbox 360 iz gay

  2. definetly ps3

    ps3 offers a lot to give all in the box not like 360 where you have to buy all add-ons

    i read somehwere that you buy a ps3 it comes out to around 600 but when you buy 360 and you buy the add ons it comes out to somewhere around 800 including gamercard, wireless adaptor, hd drive, etc

    also look at the cool stuff ps3 has

    1) blu ray

    2) hd dvd drive

    3) dvd drive ( the wii cant even play normal cds or dvd’s -cool huh?)

    4) tilt sensitive controller

    5) 20-80 gb hard drive

    6) bluetooth

    7) wi fi

    8) card reader

    9) usb ports

    10) online free

    11) real games

  3. You CLEARLY stated “no fanboys” and that’s all you are getting. Here is my honest answer and I have both systems. I think you should get the Xbox 360. THe customization of it makes it ideal, expensive but ideal. If you want the big hard drive, you get it, if not, then dont. For online play, it is the best right now, yes you do pay, but it is the strongest online experience thus far. As far as games go, you pretty much have your choice. The PS3 is barely starting out and we have yet to see its power really. I suggest you get the Xbox 360 which has established itslef right now, then later on, when we finally start to see better games and quality stuff on the PS3, then splurge once again for that. Hope this helps!

  4. anyone who trashes the PS3 is

    1.too poor to afford 1

    2. too poor to afford a nice tv to get 1080p out of it

    3.doesn’t know wat he/she is doing and gets scammed

  5. If you can afford it, get the ps3. Technically it is more advanced and it is not prone to overheating or general hardware failure.

    I find that xbox 360 games are highly overrated and while it has a larger online community, the ps3 online features are free and the community is steadily growning.

    For gaming, it has more exclusive games than the 360, it has F1, metal gear, gran turismo, final fantasy and many others.

    Sony has invested a lot of money on the development of games for it’s consoles and have promised over 300 titles over the next year.

    When you buy the ps3, there is no need to buy any extras like hd (which is good for playing dvd’s) or wireless adaptor because they are all incuded in the package, it is less of a hassle.

    get the ps3

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