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Xbox 360? suggestions?


so i decided to buy a 360. Something i thought i would never do. well im going to buy one tomorrow but i already have aps3 im still a ps3 fanboy but im buying the 360 mainly for my friends (to play with them). So im planning to spend 350$ at the most and i want to know somethings. im thinking about the arcade so. how is it different then the pro or elit? different hardware and does it have a higher chance of RROD? did they fix the RROD? what is the warranty? so if i get it im going to need to buy a headset seperate, hdd, and whatelse (im gong to get mw2). Does the arcade suport hdmi? if i buy a hdd with a arcade will it be the same as the pro? how much estimate will cost ,e? srry for the long questions i just have low trust for the 360.

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  1. The main difference is that the Elite has a 120 GB HD and a headset for another $100, which is actually a great deal. Don’t get an Intercooler, specifically the ones that connect through the AC input, since that can scratch something and MS wont take it in in case of a RROD. RROD has become much less common with the Jasper chip, and MS has a three year warranty so I wouldn’t worry about it. Also, you get essentially everything you need with an Elite other than a network adapter which I got for $70 on Amazon, normally $100.

    One note, is that try to get LEGOs or four one-inch cubes to put under the rubber feet of the console. This will give the bottom room to cool, and plenty of space for the intake fan to suck in air (when horizontal).

  2. first off,


    get the elite because of its 60GIG harddrive.

    the arcade does not come with a high memory system.

    ever since 2009, microsoft upgraded the xbox hardware and lowered the chances of getting the RROD. if you get it, just send it to microsoft and they will give it back to you in like a month. the warrenty is that if you get it from gamestop or something, you are givin the option of getting a 1 year warrenty through gamestop. so if you get the RROD and still have the gamestop warrenty, you can just return it to gamestop for another 1. microsoft includes a 3 year warrenty with the xbox360. if you get the elite xbox, it will come with a controller, HDD cables, a wired headset, and some other stuff that i cant remember. the arcade does support HD, but does not come with the cables. just buy the elite so you dont have to worry about getting HD cables and worry about running out of harddrive space.

    Hope this helps you


  3. I don’t think they did. The RROD is caused from overheating, the solder on the board inside gets hot and cracks leaving a gap between the X clamps. If you purchase an intercooler it should be fine. I found one at Radioshack for around 4 bucks. look around and I’m sure you can find one cheap.

  4. THe RROD epidemic is over. Occasionally someone will get it but that’s people who bought there Xbox during it and never got had the problem. Microsoft fixed that problem so the new ones most likely won’t get it. Microsoft has a 3 year warranty on it just in case. I suggest either the pro or elite. The arcade only has a 256 MB HDD and you have to buy some of the accessories the pro and elite have included. Also all of them support HDMI but some elite’s included a cable with it.

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