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XBOX 360 Three Red Lights?!?


It has been now months that ive had to deal with the three red lights! Ive had to turn it on and off before i can play and sometimes when it finally turns on it freezes! It pisses me off! I play a lot and now i can barely play. I bought the Air Flo thing for the heat to see if it helped, but still the three red lights. Help?!

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  1. this site will give you an xbox 360 just for completing some quick online tasks! really recommend it, especially if you’re broke but really want an xbox (like me).

  2. is it in an open space, it needs to breathe.if its not that then your 360 is screwed. call 18004myxbox. mine took a dump, i called them and then i had to send it in, but they gave me a bran new one. that might not be the case with you cause i bought a launch system and when they found that out they pretty much just gave me a new one.

  3. Microsoft is spending Billions to extend warranty coverage on the XBox 360 “red ring of death” defect. You may still be covered and should ship your unit back to MS for repair/replacement.

  4. listen, the 360 is a poorly built system, i know 12 people (no joke) that has the red rings. can do 2 things: get it replaced or shipped to be fixed, but the problem will persist in every 360 you get. sorry for the bad news.

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