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Xbox 360 X-Clamp baking problem.?


After I’ve done all the steps in an x-clamp xbox 360 fix, I needed to plug in the xbox and let it over heat, which takes about 3 minutes. However whenever I plug mine in, the power brick is still orange and there’s no heat coming off the heat sinks. Any ideas?

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  1. i have a feeling it is an error code 0002 press and hold the controller sync button on the xbox next to the memory unit ports and press the dvd drive eject button 4 times

    it will flash a certain set of red lights for example; 4 4 4 3 and the fith time it will go back to the three

    in the code you get 1 2 3 or 4 lights flash each time 4 means 1

    once you have collected your code, go on the internet and search it up ill attach a link for you

    [url is not allowed]

    it is about half way down

    hope this helped

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