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xbox live?/?


hi guys and gals

i cant Connect my xbox 360 to xbox live

it connects to the internet but when i put my email and password it says

use another email

what shall i do

Ive never been to xbox live because of this

shall i buy Wireless ab-dater or an xbox live card?

and do i need to make an account in

the xbox site


please help


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  1. Are you using your Microsoft Live password and email? If you have not signed up for Live, go to [url is not allowed] and create a Live Account there. Then enter the email you used to sign up with, and the password you created on that site.

  2. You first need to create a Xbox live account. When you do this gives you 1 free month of the Gold membership. Make sure you have a Unique user name and password.

  3. you need to make a xbox live account. For that, you do not need a xbox live subscription, unless you want to use all of the features like chat, downloads, online mutiplayer, etc. Thats why it ask you for the email and password, its for account retreival which is what you porly dont have yet. you can make one on xboxlive.com

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