Home Videos Xbox One Unboxing From Rent A Center (Used)

Xbox One Unboxing From Rent A Center (Used)


Whats Up YT, antwon Here Unboxing A Xbox One From My Local Rent A Center. Yes It Is Used.

Xbox One Unboxing From Rent A Center (Used)

Xbox One Rent (Variant 1) and Player 1 Edition Tutorial


  1. Who rentals a Fuckin gaming console? Instead of paying $19 a week why not just save 19 a Fuckin week to buy one?! This makes no Fuckin sense

  2. "I don't have a lot of money" then why would you pay more renting it? Either save up or don't buy it very simple. If you lived according to your means you would be in a lot better financial shape.

  3. You should do another video of the same Xbox one when you are done all of your payments to see if it still works cause I had bad past experiences with used rent a center electronics that would stop working once product is paid off and rent a center don't care once it's paid in full!

  4. hey to clean the headphones you were talking about germs, just wipe it all off with lysol wipes, & the actually foam ear piece covers, soak in alcohol & let dry…..BoOM, clean!!!

  5. to all of you not understanding not every one cane save the 300 when you have bills a life and a normal job.

  6. this is stupid buy the console. $29 per week + membership card + game. How about save 30 for 14 weeks which equals three months? = $420. Is excusable if you going on vacation and renting for the weeks. Because i wouldn't trust air port staff My luggage been thrown.

  7. My mom said we are moving she said we are going to RAC to get a tv and move and stop paying lol

  8. Rent-A-Center is shit they're a bunch of greedy greedy people overcharging customers I am so sorry for this guy that is paying way too much for an Xbox one being used they're going to charge him a least four times the price of an Xbox one they are greedy hogs Rent-A-Center i used to buy from Rent-A-Center they always charge 4 times the price of the product so he's probably going to pay $2000 for that used Xbox one as I said they are greedy hogs Rent-A-Center is

  9. But what's stopping people from paying you again next month how do you take away the game

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