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assassins creed ps3 help?


on assassins creed ps3 when walking around does it get dark after a while? im walking around the little village i want to kill someone with out beaing seen how do i do it in the daty time?

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  1. just be smooth.

    get into position by climbing or jumping to an unguarded path. walk up behind your target and stab him with the hidden blade.

  2. select your hidden blade

    go up behind them and target then with L1

    hist square and youll kill them without drawing attention

    slowly walk away and ull b fine

  3. There is no night in the game. You have to use your stealh moves- blending, hidden sword, etc. Are you trying to kill one of your assination targets ( wich one) or just someone on the street?

  4. I never experenced it going dark, especially in the missions. Usually if you walk behind someone and do a stealth attack (triangle I think) then people wont notice but soliders might. Sometimes you cant avoid people noticing you, like the mission were you kill the english huy in the castle (’bout halfway in)

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