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Can Microsoft track a Xbox 360 that was stolen from a warehouse if played online?


Each Xbox 360 has its own Serial Number

Warehouse= Best Buy

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  1. oh yea, people get busted for that all the time.

    if your dumb enough to steal from a buisness at least never hook it up to an internet connection.

    plus i belive microsoft warehouses know exactly where each system is sent, that way you couldent try to return a system to a diffrent place.

  2. Yes they can.THey can even track through the online service provider the stolen xbox is using to go online they can track the state city and address where that 360 is located and if that person knowingly is playing or in possesion of a stolen object that person can goto to jail.even if they try to say “i got it as a gift” from who”du I don’t KNow” Save your money and buy one.

    The xbox 360 has a serial # that is transmitted during the xbox live setup that is why they don’t ask for it. All the game systems have it.

  3. if bestbuy did inventory and wrote the cerial number than found that it was stolen and reported it but i doubt they went to the trouble. try it and find out. unless they found you through here.

  4. Yes they can but I seriously doubt that bestbuy is gonna say omg he stole that 360 its serial number is (random numbers) please catch them check on live he might consider playing xbox live.

  5. i dont think so maybe if you login in xbox live they can wait no because they dont ask that. And how could they do.

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