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do I have to have an internet connection for Xbox in order to stream Netflix?


I want to stream Netflix movies at home and heard of Xbox , basically having its own Internet connect for a monthly rate, without the need of having your own Internet connection. Or perhaps I misunderstood. I’ve never owned the Xbox before so-

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  1. No you need have your own internet and you need to pay for xbox live to watch Netflix so It cost more if you just want to stream Netflix on xbox.

  2. no you need you own internet broadband connection, then pay for an xbox live account, then pay for a netflix account.

    it would be cheaper to get either a media player that supports netflix or something like a wii which doesn’t have a monthly subscription to go online.

  3. Yes, you misunderstood. Xbox Live is the subscription service for Xbox 360 and Xbox One which allows users to play online multiplayer games and access services like Netflix, Internet Explorer etc.

    You still have to have your own internet connection in order to get the Xbox online and receive your Xbox Live service.

    If you did decide to get an Xbox and get an Xbox Live subscription, its cheaper to just buy a 12 month subscription than to pay monthly. But bear in mind that Netflix is a subscription service too and in order to watch it on your Xbox, you'll need a Netflix subscription as well.

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