Home Playstation Forum does any ps4 bundle included playstation plus?

does any ps4 bundle included playstation plus?


my mom recently bought a ps4 call of duty ghosts bundle at gamestop. she told us that it included the playstation plus bundle because she supposedly “bought” the membership. and when we started to play call of duty ghosts, we decided to play online and out of nowhere it says that we need to buy the membership.she was furious about it and decided to ask anyone who knew about the console. is there a way to resolve this?

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  1. If she brought the plus membership there should be a receipt with a code to enter to redeem it.Hope she hasnt chucked it out haha

  2. they include a trial of plus , I haven’t seen a bundle with an actual membership yet though unless some store includes it on their own. you’ll be lucky to even buy a ps4 anyway bundle or not

    most had a one month or 15 day trial membership , after that you pay for more time

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