Home Playstation Forum does the ps3 have to be on to charge the ps3 controler?

does the ps3 have to be on to charge the ps3 controler?


i want to know if u have to have the ps3 tunred on to charge the controler and how long is the cord to charge it

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  1. yes the ps3 has to be on to charge the controller, it says so in the manual that comes with the ps3. But you can also plug it into your computer usb ports and charge it that way, that’s what I do. Or many phones have a wall charger with the mini usb on it you can charge it that way as well.

  2. yes, the ps3 has to be turned on. or, you could get on amazon or bestbuy and find an external, 3rd party charger, that you plug into the wall.

    also, as for the cord length, it varies. the one that comes with the ps3 is about 3 feet long, but you can get shorter/longer ones.

  3. it has to be on to charge the controller.

    but here a tip if you got a cable box there might be a usb port in the back or front of it. plug the controller there to charge. it might charge it on & off

  4. No. From my experience the PS3 onlys needs to be plugged in with the controler plugged into it. If it only charged the controler while ON, wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of having the ability to leave the controler to charge while NOT PLAYING?

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