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Good good for Xmas?(XBox 360)?


Hi, i want to buy a good game (FPS, RP or Multi player/Co-op) for my son for Xmas. But i don’t know which game should i buy which is under £20. Also the age rating should not be above 12. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oblivion If Your Worried About Age Ratings. Its EPIC But If Your Not Worried About Age. MODERN WARFARE 2 or FALLOUT 3 epic.

  2. My girlfriend and I both like Sacred 2 – and I think the age rating is 12 – and you can find it at a good price. (RPG and Multi player)

    There’s also Spider-Man 3 (where you play the role of Spider-Man – age rating 12), Halo 3 (FPS – age rating 12), The Elder Scrolls – Oblivion (RPG and age rating 12)

    Otherwise you might want to look at the FIFA soccer games (age rating 3+), the various Star Wars games and most car games. hope this is of some help to you.

    If you can wait to get it by mail, I recommend amazon.co.uk – they have most games new and used and often you can find very good offers 🙂

    Happy hunting and merry Christmas

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