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Hi could someone give me 3 props & 3 cons of the PS3 with 80gb please?



  1. Pros:

    1). Backwards compatibility with PS2 games;

    2). Larger HDD;

    3). Memory card slots and more USBs than in 40GB;


    1). Backwards compatibility not as good as in 60GB model;

    2). It never came to PAL regions;

    3). High price.

  2. If you live in europe. Don’t bother buying an 80gb yet, they’re soon going to stop selling 40gb’s as well and switch to 80gb’s. If you want to buy a 60gb or a 40gb, and you dont like the hard drive space, you can buy a SATA notebook drive and put it into your ps3 instead of the one already in there

  3. pros

    80gb hardrive

    plays ps2 and ps1 games

    its a ps3!



    doesnt play as much ps2 games as 60gb model

    cant think of another one! sorry

    hope this helps

  4. PROS

    -80gb hdd

    -comes with all the bells and whistles as 60gb

    -plays alot of ps2/1 games


    -Backwards compatibility not as good as60gb (but getting better)

    -alot of the features (eg flash card readers) are unnecessary

    -could argue, for most people the 40gb is a better deal

    -apparently they are phasing the 80gb out

    good luck, i htink if u have a working ps2 or u dont have any ps2 games get the 40gb, for the majority of ppl it is the best deal

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