Home Playstation Forum how can i make my mum let me play gta!?!?

how can i make my mum let me play gta!?!?


she knows what u do in it and im in nz its R18 here and ive asked so much and shoult i ask when i get a ps3 but i have a ps2 but i want gta iv

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  1. Sucks to be young! I would not allow my son to play that either. It is violent, allot of swearing, prostitution, drug references, and partial nudity. Your mum is right not to let you get it. I enjoy it tremendously though.

  2. You can ask her politely. But there is most likely a reason your mother won’t allow you. because she doesnt believe you are mature enough to handle the content. You could try to persuade your mother. Discuss with your mother that you know the difference inbetween right and wrong. and make sure she knows she is that reason that you know. and tell her you know that video games are fantasy and you would never emulate such behavior in real life. btw. I am an adult. and I enjoy playing games like gta. I despise children who go around their parents and get caught. only to have their parents complain and thus resulting in changes/bans to some of my favorite games. Im an adult. Ive earned the right to see and experience whatsoever I choose. Please. If your mother wont let you. dont go around her authority. Dont ruin it for me and others like me.

  3. when you already have a ps3, try asking her if not, maybe ask your father? if he’ll allow you, and say you wont do the bad stuff that you would just accomplish the missions on the game because its so fun. Or if your parents still say NO, then you can wait for you to grow up, or if you really want it really really bad then ask some adult to buy you one and dont show it to anyone else?

  4. hmm you can tell her you will play with the vol down, and skip the video, cause with that down the only thing thats left is the guns

  5. You should wait until you actually do get one.

    then go and get another customer to bu it for you like I do [im 16].

    And the if your mum asks show her a game case you can borrow off a friend.

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