Home Xbox Forum how do people get modded xbox 360 tags?

how do people get modded xbox 360 tags?


i keep on seeing people with modded game tags and they look rearly cool so i was wondering how i get that software and how to do it all

ive got a xbox360 elite if that matter 🙂

thanks in advanced everyone
fawdown u are wrong m8 i asked a question i didnt ask for a lecture about something u think is right

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  1. You might notice that those people get smacked by MS eventually.

    Modding a gamer score, gets it reset to 0.

    Modding a picture with funky colors, etc indicates a console modification that goes against the terms of service for LIVE. It results eventually in a console ban. This means that machine can never access LIVE again. Read over the TOS again and you will see that it states console and controller mods are not allowed.

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