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I got the guy game on the original xbox, an when i put it in it says can not read disk, does anyone know why?


Yes, all the other games work. I looked up the oringinal xbox an found out there are three different drives, Thompson, Phillips, and samsung. I got the phillips in mine and it’s the middle grade. The Samsung is the newest one an the best one. That is the only thing I can think of the drive is not good enough to read the disk.

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  1. Where are you ordering these from? A store or a person? if it is a person, make sure the game is not burned. Your best bet would be to return all, go to a store and buy it from there. If that doesn’t work, I”d have my XBOX checked.

    Also, make sure that your system us compatible. Meaning dont use an original Xbox with a Xbox360 game.


    Do other games work? if not you might want to have your XBox checked.

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