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Install game data to PS3 HDD?


What does that mean? Does that mean I can play the game without the game disc or am I way off here?

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  1. It allows the game to load faster by installing some of the necessary data to the HDD, because the HDD is faster to read from than the Bluray drive, it reduces load times You will still need the disk to play unless it is a game download from PSN.

  2. No, it doesn’t mean you can play the game with out the game disc. It just means, the game’s core/main files will be copied to the PS3’s HDD so that the game can load quickly (loading from HDD is much faster than BD). Games can have different game data sizes according to their file system. Some games can install upto 8GB of data while others, eventhough graphically intensive (Uncharted), will not install game datas.

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