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Need help.PS3 problems The Blinking Red Light Of Death.?


I have had this system for about 2 years its 60 GB system and its never given me any problems until last night.it sit on the floor and has a fan attached to the bottom to cool it down when on.

Ok I got home turned on the system and it worked but Call of duty 4 (the game stuck in there )started giving me some problems so i turned it off and turned it back on and then it happend the light went to red green yellow and then a blinking red.I turned it off and on a few times and but it didnt work so i took out the hard drive like sony instructs and cleaned it blew out all the dust.it still didnt work we called sony today they said they would fix it send us a refund for the game thats stuck inside the system and send us a box to send it to them but they said they would’nt be able to transfer or save any data.so if any out there had the same problem and fix it or if you know how to fix it or some place that can fix it then please tell me on any information you know on the questions below or anything they can help?!

1.What exactly causes it what is the problem is it over heating is it a problem with the game is it the hard drive?

2.Would it be possible to place the Hard drive from the nonworking PS3 into a working PS3 to backup the data on a USB drive?would the hard drive mess up the working PS3?

3.Is it possible to have somebody or sony backup the hard drive using the hard drive by itself and transfering the data to another hard drive?is this possible?



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  1. Same thing happened to me. I already tried #2, and other troubleshooting. and There is 1 Do It Yourself fix. It is called the YLOD repair guide by Gilksy — [url is not allowed] and he also has videos on youtube about how to do it. here is the link for the first video – [url is not allowed]

  2. 1

    it’s not the harddrive (hdd) the yellow light means something in the ps3 died.nothing u can do.when it flashes red that means it over heated.it died cause u played all day,play it in a very hot room,or u have the top vent blocked.people like to cram there consles into tight spaces and not allow it to get air.I have mine standing up.when i’m not playing it it’s on [email is not allowed] has not been turned off in almost 4 months


    that hdd only works with the same ps3.when u put it in to any other ps3 it will make u re-format it.it sucks.I had to restart all my save files.it won’t mess up ur new ps3.


    I don’t think sony does that for u at all

  3. the problem might be overheating as you said. 1

    well only some games saved data can be transferred, call of duty you can transfer. but some games are copyright protected, and even though some saved data doesnt have a copyright protection you still cant use them on other ps3 or accounts. 2

    they could backup the saved data but as i said before some of the data wont work on the new ps3 because it is protected or created by another user. 3

  4. 1. I’ll bet you a PS3 that fan you have attatched to it is what caused it to break. Those ridiculous fan attatchments don’t help the PS3 in any way. They interfere with the PS3’s cooling operations and cause it to overheat. The fact that its sitting on the floor does not help your cause either. Lesson learned?

    2. No, you can’t use the hard drive in a different PS3. Well, you can, but you’ll be forced to format it, deleting everything.

    3. Nope.

    The idea of a backup is to protect your data from being lost BEFORE the PS3 breaks, not after. Besides, the backup data will not transfer over to a new PS3 anyway.

    You’re not gonna know what specifically set off the Yellow Light until you open up the PS3 and even then you may not be capable of fixing it yourself, assuming you can diagnose what the problem is. Yellow light simply means hardware failure, which could be a number of things.

    You f*cked yourself by not keeping the PS3 in the ideal conditions, buying unnecessary fan attatchments that ultimately killed it, and not backing up data regularly. Send it to Sony, pay the fees, and learn from the experience. Don’t keep your PS3 on the floor, clean out the dust with a vacuum on a regular basis, and don’t buy external fans.

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