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red dead redemption or brink?


im getn a game the title exppl;ains it plz anseerw

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  1. Please dint get Brink it was the biggest let down in my gaming history to me and that’s a lot to see saying that I didn’t even buy it i just rented it. And red dead is one of my favorite games of all time

  2. Red Dead Redemption.

    until L.A. Noire came out it was my number 1 favorite game ever.

    it has a very big open world with tons of stuff to do. the gameplay is extremely fun, the graphics are very good (especially the horses), the story is awesome, and its a western

    i love the side stuff. if u don’t feel like doing the story, u can do many other things

    go hunting (there are a LOT of animals to hunt. deer, elk, bears, boars, buffalo, rabbits, snakes, beavers, armadillos, wolves, etc etc)

    treasure hunting, hunting challenges, sharpshooter challenges, finding rare plants, gang hideouts, bounty hunting, poker, blackjack, liars dice, finger fillet, horseshoes, stranger missions, random events,

    if u get Red Dead Redemption, make sure to also get the Undead Nightmare DLC. it gives u a Zombie story mode. decent length for a DLC. there is a whole new story, a few new weapons, new challenges, new achievements.


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