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Which is better to play XBox Live with: wireless or wired?


I’m trying to decide if it’s better to play with an ethernet cable or buy the wireless adapter for the 360, and some of my friends say go for ethernet. But my dad’s router is downstairs and my 360 upstairs, so is my computer. Could I connect wired to my computer and get the best connection still? Or should I just get the adapter?

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  1. Wired is ALWAYS more reliable but technology with routers has come pretty far if you buy a good router you really won’t notice.But wired will always be better.

  2. Your best bet is to play with a wired connection. You will still get lag, periodically, but your chances of getting lag will be significantly decreased.

    On a side note, different games will lag differently. The main cause of lag is the connection between your console and the host’s. If you are playing with a wired connection, you will either not get lag at all or very lightly. If the other person you are playing with is on the other side of the world from where you are, then lag is pretty much guarunteed and it is a question of how bad.

    In short, an Ethernet cable is the best way to go unless you’re console is one or more rooms away from your router in which case a wireless adapter is advisable. Otherwise.stick with the Ethernet cable.

    But no, I would suggest playing with an Ethernet cable.

  3. Wired is definitely better in terms of connection and its probably even cheaper, but i gotta say that i use wireless and i haven’t had any troubles with it at all. You can try using it from your computer, i’m not sure if that will work or not but if it doesn’t i would use wireless. The Wireless-G adapter is only $50 on Amazon with free shipping. It is incredibly reliable and easy to setup, you’ll be playing live in no time. Ethernet, like i said, has a better connection most likely since its direct, but choose the option better suited for your situation, which sounds like it to me, wireless.

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