Home Xbox Forum which xbox should i get?

which xbox should i get?


xbox 360 elite – 120 gb $250

xbox 360 slim – 250 gb $300

xbox 360 slim – 4 gb $200

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  1. Great Question 🙂

    IF you want the best bang for your buck i would recommend the Xbox360 Slim (250GB).

    You wont have to worry about memory or buying other accesories in the future like the wifi adapter.

    You can probably install everygame now and avoid damaging your disk and hearing the disk drive spin.

    Hope i could help and have a great day

  2. I would say the $300 slim but if u cant. get the elite and i dont think that there is an XboX with 4 GB only.

  3. xbox slim 4gb it wont get red rings and also it wont be a dust and fingerprint magnet liek the xbox slim 250gb and if u want more space just get a flashdrive or buy a harddrive

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