Home Xbox Forum Who thinks Microsoft should start making more games for the old xBox?

Who thinks Microsoft should start making more games for the old xBox?


Have you noticed that Microsoft has almost completely stopped making games for the old xBox? I have one, and I WANT MORE GAMES!!

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  1. Boo-Hoo, it is time to UPGRADE. It has been OVER A YEAR, actually close to two years. Also M$ was too stupid to make the 360 backwards compatible with the original Xbox, so they CAN’T make the games work correctly on both systems. That means to make it on Xbox would be EXTRA effort.

  2. It’s true the 360 has been out for a while but I think the biggest deal is the modding. Modding the regular xbox has become so easy that really anyone can do it and then all kids are doing is going out and renting games and burning them to their 1000000000gb hard drives so they can play them when ever they want as if they own it.

  3. they should but they don’t because it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooo outdated and they need to get rid of the old stuff and bring in the new

  4. casue all xbox’s are crap. Go with playstation!! the original was a fail and they will NEVER make the games or the console again. The 360 is starting to go down the same way. go playstation!

  5. The 360 has been out for more than 18 months. there is no reason to keep developing for the Xbox – the 360 is their primary focus now. There is one final release for the Xbox before they stop development entirely – Madden 08 later this month.

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