Home Playstation Forum Why do none of my PS2 games work on my PS3?

Why do none of my PS2 games work on my PS3?


Do you have load it on a different area? This makes me really angry
that is dumb! why do you have to get a larger hard drive just to play backwards compatibility? what a waste!

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  1. I dont know why this makes you angry because you MUST NOT be trying to play PS2 games on your 40 GB PS3. Only 20, 60 and 80 GB PS3’s have backwards compatability!

    If you have a 20, 60 or 80 GB PS3 then go to the menu where the games are displayed and instead of a blue disc icon the icon will be orange , for PS1 the Icon is black.

  2. you probably have a 40 gb ps3. and really i didn’t like this about ps3 but each model (20,40,60, and 80) has something different to offer. the difference between the 20,60, and 80 gigs can play ps2 games while the 40 can’t

  3. depends what kind of ps3 you have.the 40Gb system just doesn’t play any of them. the 80Gb will only play about 60% of ps2 games.

  4. You have the 40gb PS3. It states on the box that no PS2 games play.

    In order to make the PS3 cheaper, because people whined about the $500 price tag, they created the 40gb model. They removed the memory card reader, redesigned the motherboard (which consequentially only has 2 USB ports), and using the 65nm Cell BE. The new motherboard design did not include the GPU from the PS2 (the 80gb model does). So as an extra incentive to purchase the more expensive model, the more expensive model has the PS2 playback, which is more like 85%, not 60%.

    So in exchange for getting the cheaper model, it’s gimped. But that doesn’t matter if you only want to play PS3 games.

    Note: upgrading your harddrive will NOT get you PS2 compatibility. The PS2 chip is integrated on the motherboard. You can’t mod the PS3 to play PS2 games since the motherboard was redesigned.

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