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why do some PS3’s make you have to install a video game with the disc and others dont?


many people tell me that the only thing that occupies space in their ps3 are saves and things from ps store. they never nmeed to install games with disc

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  1. It’s not the ps3 , its the game that either requires an install or doesn’t , most require an install.

    The reason the game installs a portion is to speed up load times , it installs things like the cut scenes that otherwise would always be pre-loading off the disc before it runs on the console , if the data is on the hard drive it loads faster.

    games from the playstation store don’t need a disc because they are installed fully and run off the hard drive , a psn game is always going to run smoother and have fast load times compared to the disc version of the same game , I saw one game tested that took an average 35 seconds to load levels while the digital version load times averaged 12 seconds for the same game , that’s 3 times faster and that game even had an install.

    Some games have an optional install , if you don’t have the space available you can play off the disc only and skip the install.

    In games that make the install optional like streetfighter 4 for the ps3 if you will see a huge difference in load times , if you install the 4 gigs from that game off the disc it takes a few seconds to load a match after you pick your fighters , if you don’t install its more like 45 seconds and that gets really annoying , so most people do these optional installs when they have the hdd space.

    If someone says they never have installed any game they are either not buying a lot of games and only buy the few that don’t have installed data or they are not telling the truth , if they look in their game data utility on the ps3 they’d probably find a lot of games have used space for installed data , they also install game updates and add-ons for their games in the same folders.

    they use a few mb or less for each game save and the rest gets used for installs , psn games , dlc and apps usually.

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