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Why does my XBOX 360 controller keep disconnecting?


It has 3 bars on the battery life. I’m tryna play a game and every 20/30 seconds it’s disconnecting and every time I reconnect it, it does the same thing. What’s wrong with it? How can I fix this?


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  1. is it a wireless?

    wireless pads – change the battery pack around. if possible swap it with another, sometimes it becomes loose. i have a black battery pack on my white pad for no reason and it keeps cutting off at the slightest knoick which might be your case

    just change the batteries. might just be the batteries. even if theyre half full

    if nothing works then i suspect your xbox pad is on its way out

    r.i.p xbox pad

    it is indeed a sad day if this is the case

  2. Try changing your batteries. If that doesnt work look at the battery pack, is it loose, and does it have room to move. If it does, just get some duck tape and tape it into place so it doesn’t move.

  3. A) Maybe your too far away from the machine. Try to get closer.

    B) You didn’t reconnect it correctly, try to press the button on console to reset the controller connections first this time.

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