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Will my xbox work in another country?


I bought xbox in the USA, and im gonna return to my country for a few months. Im wondering will my xbox work there? And will it be possible to play online? Xbox live is not available in my country, though. And my country is supporting only SECAM (not ntsc) and different voltage. I would fix voltage problem with converter. But what about secam? Will it work on TV there?

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  1. Your Xbox will work anywhere. The ones sold is the US and other countries are the same. If Xbox Live isn’t available there, then it looks like you’re not gonna be playing online.

  2. Yes, your xbox will work. But depends on what you want to do with your xbox. If you want to play games is OK, but if you want to download contant, watch Netflix, etc., there are geo restrictions.

    There are options to access the content of the xbox as you were in your country. I found a web page with some information about that [url is not allowed]

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